rock wool thermal insulation blanket

Kingflex Rock wool insulation blanket have many advantages such as light weight, good performance as a whole and low coefficient of heat conductivity. They are widly used in construction and other inductries in heat preservation field. It also has a good function of sound absorption, so it can be used to reduce the industrial noise and deal with the sound absorption in building. Kingflex rock wool is produced with natural basalt as main material, melted in high temperature and made into artificial abio-fibers by high speed centifugal equipment, then added with special agglomerates and dustproof oil, heated and solidified into various rock wool heat preservation products in different specifications according to different requirements.

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cold climates, it is also designed to keep the cool air in during hot weather. Increasing the energy efficiency of a building can also mean reducing bills and operational costs. We supply a variety of insulation products for flat or pitched roof applications. From steel, concrete or warm roofs to rafter line or loft insulation, ROCKWOOL products are made from premium stone wool to keep your properties safe and the indoor environment comfortable.  

Technical indicators

technical performance


Thermal conductivity


Normal temperature

Slag inclasion content






Fiber diameter


Service temperature


Moisture rate



Tolerance of density



On top of the good thermal performance, the fire-resistant and acoustic properties of Kingflex rock wool insulation blanket also allow for more freedom in your designs.
Rock wool glass cloth  wire netting stitching felt
size mm Length 3000 width1000, thick 30
density kg/m³


Installing effective insulation in homes and commercial properties can reduce heating requirements by up to 70%.1 Those that are not effectively insulated can lose approximately a quarter of heat through the roof. As well as the warm air escaping, there’s the chance that cold air can also enter through a roof that isn’t in good shape. In hot climates the opposite can occur, where keeping a building cool is essential. Insulation helps to maintain the building’s correct temperature, so you can get creative with the results. Turn a loft area into a living space or an extra bedroom, or turn a flat roof into a welcoming terrace or green roof.

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