Elastomeric cryogenic insulation for low temperature application

Main raw material ULT: alkadiene polymer; LTNBR/PVC Color ULT: blue LT: black Temperature range -200to +200for LNG/cold pipeline or equipment application. ApplicationLNG; large scale cryogenic storage tanks; Petro china; SINOPEC ethylene project, nitrogen plant; coal chemical industry

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Alkadiene cryogenic thermal insulation materials in cryogenic environment ,has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity, lower density and good elasticity, no crack, effective insulation, good flame -retardant performance, good moisture resistance, durable and long lasting. It is widely used in the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), pipelines, petrochemicals industry, industrial gases, and agricultural chemicals and other piping and equipment insulation project and other heat insulation of cryogenic environment.
Kingflex flexible ULT insulation system does not need to install moisture barrier. Due to the unique closed cell structure and polymer blend formulation. LT low temperature elastomeric materials have been highly resistant to water vapor permeation. This foamed material provides continuous resistance to moisture penetration throughout the thickness of the product.Kingflex flexible ULT insulation system does not require the use of fiber material as expansion and expansion fillers.(this type of construction method is typical on rigid foam LNG pipes) On the contrary, it is only necessary to install the low temperature elastomeric material in each layer according to the recommended reserved length to solve the expansion joint problem required by the conventional system. The elasticity at low temperatures gives the material the characteristics of expansion and shrinkage in the longitudinal direction.
Excellent internal shock resistance. Extensive absorption and dispersion of external stresses in local positions. Avoid material cracking due to stress concentration. Avoid the cracking of hard foamed material caused by impact.
In 1989, Kingway group was established originally from Hebei Kingway New Building Material Co., Ltd.; In 2004, Hebei Kingflex Insulation Co., Ltd. was established. In operation, the company takes energy saving and consumption reduction as the core concept. We provide the solutions regarding the insulation by means of consultation, research and development production, installation guidance, and post sale service to lead the development of global building materials industry.

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