High- Performance Rubber Foam Insulation Products

Main raw material ULT: alkadiene polymer; LT: NBR/PVC Color ULT: blue LT: black

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Coal chemical MOT Low temperature storage tank FPSO floating production storage oil unloading device Industrial gas and agricultural chemical production plants Platform pipe Gas station Ethylene pipe Nitrogen plant …Kingflex flexible ultra-low temperature adiabatic system has the inherent characteristics of impact resistance, and its cryogenic elastomer material can absorb the impact and vibration energy caused by the external machine to protect the system structure. The impact from any part can be widely dispersed and attenuated by elastomer materials, thus avoiding the risk of cracking due to stress concentration. And also reducing the temperature change stress is that the cooling system is superior to the traditional material such as foam glass, polyurethane PIR and PUR. These traditional hard materials are not elastic at normal and low temperatures. So there is the deterioration of adiabatic performance caused by material extrusion and cracking under temperature-changing stress.For over four decades, KWI has grown from a single manufacturing plant in China to a global organization with prodict installation in over 66 countries in all continents. From the Natinal Stadium in Beijing, to the high rises in New York, Hong Kong, and Dubai, people around and world are enjoying the quality of KWI products.

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