Elastomeric cryogenic insulation

With closed-cell structure, Kingflex cryogenic insulation can be widely used in LNG; Large-scale cryogenic storage tanks; PetroChina, SINOPEC ethylene project, Nitrogen plant; Coal chemical industry…

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Kingflex ULT Technical Data




Temperature range


(-200  -  +110)

Density range



Thermal Conductivity


0.028 (-100°C)


Fungi resistance



Ozone resistance


Resistance to U.V. and weather


Main raw material: ULT—alkadiene polymer, Blue LT—NBR/PVC, BlackHebei Kingflex Insulation Co., Ltd. is founded by Kingway Group which is established in 1979. And Kingway Group company is a R&D, production, and selling in an energy saving and environmental protection of one manufacturer.1.No need build-in moisture barrier Kingflex flexible ultra low temperature insulation system does not need to install moisture-proof layer.  Due to its unique closed cell structure and polymer blend formulation, low temperature elastomeric foam material have been highly resistant to water vapor permeation.  This foam material provides continuous resistance to moisture penetration throughout the entire thickness of the product. 2.No need Built-in expansion joint Kingflex flexible ULT insulation system does not require the use of fiber materials as expansion and expansion fillers. (This type of construction method is typical on rigid foam LNG pipes.) On the contrary, it is only necessary to install the low temperature elastomeric material in each layer according to the recommended reserved length to solve the expansion joint problem required by the conventional system. The elasticity at low temperatures gives the material the characteristics of expansion and shrinkage in the longitudinal direction.With 5 large automatic assembly lines, more than 600,000 cubic meters of annual production capacity, Kingway Group is specified as the designated production enterprise of thermal insulation materials for the National energy department, Ministry of electric power and Ministry of Chemical industry.

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