Flexible Ultra Low Temperature Insulation Series

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  reliably insulates LNG storage tanks, fuel tanks and pipe systems and thus, contributes towards the efficiency, durability and reliability of these applications.
Kingflex flexible ultra-low temperature adiabatic system has the inherent characteristics of impact resistance, and its cryogenic elastomer material can absorb the impact and vibration energy caused by the external machine to protect the system structure.Global demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is rising. High-performance technology is required for reliable transport and storage. Engineers have to develop plants that are safe and efficient. The extremely low temperature,at which natural gas is in a liquid state, places high demands on the technical infrastructure throughout the entire value chain of LNG. All the plant components and systems coming into contact with the liquefied gas have to be extremely well insulated.Thermal conductivity: (0℃,0.033,;-50℃,0.028) Density: 40-60kg/m3. Recommend operation temperature: (-50℃ +105℃) Percentage of close area: >95% Tensile strength(Mpa): (0℃,0.15; -40℃,0.218) Compressive strength (Mpa): (-40℃,≤0.16)We participate many exhibitions every year and have made many customers and friends from all over the world.Growth in the construction and remodeling industries, combined with concerns over rising energy costs and noise pollution, are fueling market demand for thermal insulation. With over 40 years of dedicated experience in manufacturing and applications, KWI is riding on top of the wave.  KWI is focusing on all verticals in the commercial and industrial market. KWI scientists and engineers are always at the forefront of the industry. New products and applications are continuously rolled out to make people's living more comfortable and businesses more profitable.

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