rock wool thermal Insulation Pipe

Kingflex rock wool insulation pipe is produced with natural basalt as main material, melted in high temperature and made into artificial abio-fibers by high speed centifugal equipment, then added with special agglomerates and dustproof oil, heated and solidified into various rock wool heat preservation products in different specifications according to different requirements. Kingflex rock wool insulation pipe have many advantages such as light weight, good performance as a whole and low coefficient of heat conductivity. They are widly used in construction and other inductries in heat preservation field. It also has a good function of sound absorption, so it can be used to reduce the industrial noise and deal with the sound absorption in building.

Products Details

Technical indicators technical performance Remark
Thermal conductivity 0.042w/m.k Normal temperature
Slag inclasion content <10% GB11835-89
No-combustible A GB5464
Fiber diameter 4-10um  
Service temperature -268-700℃  
Moisture rate <5% GB10299
Tolerance of density +10% GB11835-89
Designed to be applied around pipes carrying substances at temperatures between 12°C and 150°C, our products help prevent heat loss during transportation – and can protect against dangerous fire hazards. Hot pipe insulation forms an important part of Kingflex rock wool insulation pipe Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) range.Hot pipes are widely used for heating and warm water distribution in large buildings and complexes, such as airports, factories and high-rise residential blocks.The distances travelled by hot pipes can be long, and the spaces they pass through extremely cold. This is especially true during the autumn or winter months, when the need for them is at its highest.
Rock wool Pipes      waterproof rock wool pipe
size mm length 1000 ID 22-1220  thick 30-120
density kg/m³ 80-150
Insulation acts to keeps the heat inside the pipes while air or water is being transported from the boiler/heating system to central heating units. This helps ensure minimal temperature loss while in transit, and a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

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